acorn-raised organic iberian ham
27,90 €
acorn-raised organic iberian ham
D.O. Jabugo
19,90 €
acorn-raised organic pork loin
17,90 €
flavored with smoked paprika
10,90 €
flavored with nutmeg, oregano & garlic
10,90 €
acorn-raised organic iberian mix platter
27,90 €
gran reserva boffard
12,90 €
Dehesa de los Llanos ( best cheese in the world 2013 )
17,90 €
soup of the day
7,90 €
foie carpaccio
with smoked salt
14,50 €
parmesan ice cream and basil oil
9,90 €
grilled vegetables
and buffalo mozzarella gratin
11,90 €
grilled “padrón” peppers
(green peppers)
7,90 €
(6 pcs.)
9,00 €
...spinach, cod, pine nut and raisin
...iberian ham and leeks
...mix (two of each one)
free-ranged eggs
with homefries and
10,90 €
…acorn-raised organic iberian ham
…garlic young eels
pisto manchego (ratatouille)
(lettuce, tomato, white asparagus, tuna, carrot and eggs)
11,90 €
warm salad
(goat cheese and toasted corn with homemade honey mustard dressing)
12,90 €
and grilled prawns with “salmorejo”
12,90 €
mango and jam’ s duck with redcurrant vinaigrette
13,90 €
tomato with mozzarella and basil
13,90 €
Bread & Appetizer 1.80€/pax
boneless oxtail
served over a sweet potato soup
19,90 €
confit sucking pig
served over dry nuts crumbs
19,90 €
chicken skewer
with spinachs tagliatelle
12,90 €
steak tartar
raw beef tenderloin seasoned with crunchy bread
20,90 €
sirloin steak
cooked with oporto and black truffle sauce and homefries
21,50 €
Leon de Oro special burger
100% beef meat with tomato bread and scamorza cheese
13,90 €
marinated salmon cubes
with cauliflower cream and wakame seaweed
17,90 €
paupiette hake
with green sauce, poached egg, palm heart and crispy potato
18,90 €
od fillet confit
with ratatouille
18,90 €
grilled baby squid
with arugula pesto and potato emulsion
16,90 €
homemade desserts6,90 €
with artisanal raspberry ice cream
jardín prohibido
(3 different chocolates with bulgarian yogurt ice cream)
homemade carrot cake
white chocolate soup
with artisanal violet flower ice cream
la torrija
with artisanal cinnamon ice cream and caramel syrup
sorbets with cava
passion fruit, mandarin or mint&lemon
Suitable for Celiacs.
Suitable for Celiacs (ask about changes to our waiter).
Suitable for Vegetarians.